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Assisted Care for the Elderly

What Is Assisted Care?

Learn About Assisted Care

Our residents are able to perform many of the routine activities of everyday life and maintain their independence. However, if your loved one is forgetting tasks such as taking their medication or have suffered an injury, we're here to help. 

We wake our residents up in the morning and provide them with 3 meals a day. Throughout the day we assist with whatever care is needed and provide transportation and activities to fill the day. You'll be treated like family! We offer 24-hour-a-day care and our owner/operator is always on-site.

The first step for those interested in becoming a resident of Colonial Manor at Panther Valley is an evaluation and an examination of medical records. Talking with the family first helps us determine which medications are required, the kind of assistance that's necessary over the course of the day, the social activities your loved one enjoys and their personality traits.

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Assisted care

Providing the Assistance You Need

  • Showering
  • Getting dressed
  • Medical needs
  • Bedtime — changing into pajamas and turning down the bed
  • Laundry service for all residents
  • Housekeeping once a week
  • Fun activities and exercise

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